Monday, March 11, 2013

Ms.Pillowtopass:) Show Me What You Twerking Wit.

Whats up all my thick luverz out there how the weather treating you hopefuly good. KentStar is back to bring you another update on some thick female and this thick chick I came across on She goes by the name Jasmine aka Pillowtopass and let me tell you that ass look softer then a pillow, I would love to wake up on a booty like that lol. She's a new comer to youtube but she is also a BBW Model/Dancer, seems too me she has a bright future ahead of her in bbw modeling or should I say a bright future behind her. If she keeps up the good work she can milk this game for all its worth, and leave CAKED UP!!. Here's a video to prove that Im speaking the truth and that ass is all oiled up. You can follow her at and her email is Ms. Pillowtopass if your reading this hope you continue to grind hard and represent for them thick gurlz. DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP, I SEE WHAT YOUR TWERKIN WIT LOL.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

QSD- HumpDay of The Week

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This is KentStar co-founder of QueenSizeDonk and I want to present something new too you thick luverz. Starting every wednesday, I hand select the baddest and thickest women to be "HumpDay of The Week' and I choose the Very First women of hump day and that is no other than Nese'Thyck'BadAzz. The reason is her body is ridiculous and you will have to be a fool to pass up on something this beautiful as you can see she knows she got what it takes to be a real QSD Thick Diva. Show some love for Nese!!

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Welcome To QueenSizeDonk BlogMagazine, giving you updates on the hottest and thickest women in the world.