Saturday, January 31, 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ms.Peach'Plum in All White & Thyck Evrythang!!

Here's another update from QueenSizeDonk Magazine, dropping you another hot photoshoot featuring the one and only Ms.Peach'Plum.
I ran into Ms.Peach this past week, we chatted up for a min then I pulled out the camera and she already knew what time it was lol. We did three photoshoots in one first shoot I like to call "All White & Thyck EvryThang'!!

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ms.Superdom from The 504

Alrite fans now its time to regroup and reinvent this page. Now its a online magazine dedicated to the thick, curvy plus size bbw's and starting off with is the one and only Ms.Superdom, I like to give a shout out too this women who is 6'3, caramel light skin and THICK2DEF!! Much love too you boo and keep continueing to do your best and achieve for the best from me and the QueenSizeDonk Magazine crew. Also click on this link to her website to see more updates of her and the thick life that she is living
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Texas QueenSizeDonk- More of Rhonda in some satin purple panties

I actually pic these panties out when i took her shopping for some panties for the photo shoot. 

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Texas QueenSizeDonk- DonkyChonky aka DC'Rhonda

Introducing the newest member to TexasQueenSizeDonk Ms.Rhonda.
I met her out there in South'Dallas yep the str8 hood, over there off of Hatcher. I pulled up to her and gave the business card let her know what my business was all about and she was down to do it. Me and her had a good time and she said she willing to do another photo shoot. So be on the look out yall for my new protege Ms.Rhonda at here on QueenSizeDonkTV: Tune into the Thyckness!!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Twerking Dat Azz
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Ms.Peach'Plum Twerking in the RED'LIGHT SPECIAL.......I can tell from the way she was performing she was a little bit nervous, since this was her very first shoot. but thats cool cause the next time imma make sure she's on point video
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TexasQueenSizeDonk photoshoot........MS.PEACH'PLUM

Im back with a new update from QueenSizeDonkTV...........This past week I did a photoshoot with one of my protege from TEXAS QUEENSIZEDONK, her name is Ms.PeachPlum. She's a cool laid back women but she's hood with it her booty is so plumped it would drive a old man insane. Here are pics before the photoshoot, MsPeachPlum preparing herself. DAMN!! LOOK AT DAT AZZ

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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Welcome to the new blog page for queensizedonktv, a sanctuary for you thick bbw booty luverz. In the next few months I will give you everything that you could imagine. From pics, videos, photoshoots of my queensizedonk models, candid booties and maybe a some short funny films on thick booties. I am ready for this hope yall are too. Be on the look out for Texas'QueenSizeDonk dedicated to the women in my home town of DALLAS TEXAS........GO COWBOYS!!! You know I had to throw that in there lol.
Let me drop you a pic so you can see what im talking about...